Lavender, clary sage and vanilla

Wild, open and rugged.  Experience a rich and earthy fragrance which, at its heart, contains a complex blend of lavender and clary sage.  This is enriched with added notes of warm amber, vanilla and tonka bean for a creamy subtleness. 

Luxury fine fragrance blend, 180g 100% natural soy wax.  Burn time approx. 33 hours.  Comes with a fragrance information card.  

As soy wax is a natural ingredient, occasionally a 'bloom' or 'frosting' can develop.  This is in no way a flaw, or will affect the quality of your candle, rather it is a sign of the natural characteristics of the ingredients we use.  

It is important on the first burn that you burn for 3-4 hours, to ensure an even melt pool.

VOAK Heathland Medium Amber Jar Candle


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