Our Magic Manure, otherwise known as worm manure is the worlds most nutrient rich fertiliser, teeming with plant soluble minerals and nutrients essential for healthy plant growth, fibrous root development and disease suppression.  Worm manure is incredibly concentrated and as little as 10-20% mixed with compost is needed to feed a plant throughout the growing season. Retaining 50% moisture, worm manure is particularly suitable for hanging baskets and vertical gardens.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants, odourless and safe.

Sieved at 1/8” to ensure the purest end product.

Bags are 100% biodegradable.


Why Plants Love Worm Manure

Direct Use
The only fresh manure not to scorch plants. Seeds can be sown direct in 100% worm manure.

Healthy Plant Development
Teeming with minerals and nutrients essential for the development of strong cell walls.

Long Lasting
Concentrated nutrient base that slow releases as and when required by the plant.

Moisture Retention
Holds up to 50% moisture, building resilience against drought and heavy rainfall as a consequence of climate change.

Optimal Growth
Contains auxins and cytokinins, growth hormones promoting fibrous roots healthy plant development.

Highly Concentrated
One tablespoon provides enough nutrients for a plant to thrive throughout the growing season.

Disease Control
Contains fungus eating nematodes and protozoa.

Pest Control
Contains high levels of chitinase a natural insect repellent.

Improves Soil
Cylindrical shape prevents compaction, aiding drainage and root development.

Urban Worm Magic Manure Fertiliser