Boskke Recycled Sky Planter design comes in a matte  white finish. It is very light - creating a truly aerial look and feel.


💚 They are self-watering and use a Slo-Flo reservoir that lets plants thrive while using water wisely.

💚 Depending on how thirsty your plant is, the reservoir provides your plant water for up to two weeks.

💚Boskke planters do not come with plants but we have the following recommendations: Orchids, Philodendron, Anthurium, Pothos, Asparagus Ferns, Monsterra, Aloe vera, Kentia palm, Experiment with your favourite plants!


What you get: Sky Planter, ceiling hook and plastic anchor plug, 30cm extension wire, plastic mesh (keeps dirt from falling!)


Large ~ H 18.7cm x D 15cm 💚 fits 15cm house plants

Medium ~ H 15cm x D 12cm 💚 fits 12cm house plants

Small ~ H 12.9cm x D 9.3cm 💚 fits 9cm house plants


Due to the recycled nature of the plastic material there may occasionally be small dark flecks or minor imperfections.

Boskke Recycled Sky Planter